~~~~~~   LETS MAKE INDIA A CLEANER AND SAFER  ~~~~~

   Although India is  a huge country with millions of people  but we should  always know the ground reality of our country and it is very  sad yet true that even at this stage of modern developed India,  there are millions of people  who are defecation in open and this is all because, our country lacks sanitation facilities.

Absence of toilets and lack of hygiene amenities are some reasons why there is a rise in ailments and diseases.Women are suffering much because of this issue, it is really one major issue related to health and safety which also have great impact on their dignity.

Children too suffer from big ailments and it is a matter of great concern as health is everything and if we have to safeguard our children's health and  safety then, we all have to take some measures and steps to improve our sanitation facilities.

This can be done only if we all  do our part and take this issue seriously and as a responsibility of every citizen to raise our hygienic conditions  so that we all can stay healthy.

For making India a cleaner and safer place, Domex,HUL's flagship sanitation brand,  which currently runs the Domex Toilet Academy (DTA) programme, it was launched in November,2013 and aims to become a sustainable and long time solution to provide sanitation that benefits the local community. They make toilets academy makes toilets more accessible and affordable  on one hand and promote the benefits of clean toilets and hygiene.  Their efforts  has resulted in bringing the change in Maharashtra  and Orissa and now, they aim to build 2400 toilets  by 2015 in rural areas which are facing this problem of open defecation.

 This problem of open defecation should be taken as a priority by each one of us and  I am happy to inform all my readers that, Domex Initiative -"You Click Domex Contributes" is one such way, which can help this defecation issue and we can prevent our kids like #babli and villages "open defecation free"

I would say that if we all want  "
cleaner and safer India, then we should all support "Domex Initiative" all we have do is "click" on the "contribute tab" on www.domex.inDomex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, and by this way, helping kids like babli live a dignified life.

 Life will be more better, hygienic and healthier if all of us take active interest in this initiative by domex,which will surely result in great in bringing the change all villages and areas facing this problem of open defecation.I am  participating in domex's initiative so that i can feel that ..yes i have made my effort to solve this issue which will help all kids like babli to live their life with much dignity with great health and hygiene.
   SO,lets get together and make India a cleaner and safer place with just a click away.After all health is the biggest wealth.

 Shikha Chaudhary


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