Bring Back the Touch


Each one of us, try to have immense love and  passionate relationship and We all love to have a sparkling life with lots of love and great chemistry between us and we want to shown the whole world that, we are the best couple who love each other so much.

 Sometimes, even we give our best to make our relation as smooth as always but at some point of time, we start feeling that the old charm is no more in between us.It can happen with anyone,but that does not mean; that we can't bring back the same excitement and spark again, because it is so  easy to do bring our relationship back to that day,when we felt it for the first time.

Today, i am going share my ideas on how to #BringBackTheTouch in our relationship; with my own personal story about how i brought back the lost spark between me and my partner.

I always of the view that living a very simple life with no use of enhancing products is good but during the time, i felt  that the earlier charm and spark of our relation is decreasing..I came across this great product "Advanced Body Lotion" From Parachute ,A thought came in my mind and i decided,lets give a try to this one and  see it really works??
I purchased and  I used parachute advanced body lotion(coconut milk variant) for one week and although From day 1, i started feeling smoothness in my skin, but after few days, i felt a complete transformed nourishment in my skin.I not only got complete nourished skin in just seven days,but i got back the lost spark and i felt that now, me and my partner have again the same passionate touch in our relationship, which was just lost  somewhere. Now, i can proudly say that a gentle "touch" can really work in rekindling the lost chemistry.

I  found that our relationship is now;again as merrier as it was earlier. All thanks to "Parachute advanced body lotion" The  reason  behind discovering  the magic of touch in our relationship.

I would say, if you too want to #BringBackTheTouch in your relationship, then go for it and see the magic of gentle touch  with  Parachute advanced body lotion.

So, Bring back the touch in a passionate relationship,because, a gentle touch can do that.

Shikha Chaudhary


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