A very good evening to my my friends and readers,hope all are doing great.I am really excited to share my saving stories with all of you. I love shopping, being a big shopaholic, i keep shopping very frequently. Online shopping is in great trend these day so i shop online too. I cant stop myself to shop more and more but the day i realize that,if done in a better and smart way, online shopping can be more interesting and we can save money that can be used for shopping more again.

My Smart shopping stories  for savings includes my shopping through; the most popular  leading  discount coupons and deals platform that is - '' It is India's  leading  discount coupons and deals website,which displays discount coupons on offers to retails buyers from almost all Indian E commerce Websites.It's easy search lets us know the best deals and offers and we find the best discounts suiting our needs.Discount coupons  of more than 1000 stores, are available to choose from.


This was brief info about my favorite discount coupons platform,#27coupons. Now i would move on to my story how, 27coupons helped me to save money through my favorite shopping store I shop too much from flipkart because this store has everything for my entire family.
From clothing to electronics,gadgets to accessories and books, i get all my stuff at one place.Earlier,i used to shop and pay and never bothered about discount coupon,but when i went to 27coupons and searched discount coupons for flipkart and got so many discount coupons which made me so happy.


Then taking advantage of these discount coupons  from 27coupons,i bought many things from flipkart and i was so happy and satisfied with my shopping  as i got extra 10% off on purchase of 10000 and  50% off on men's wear,so i purchased so many shirts and trousers for my daddy and brothers to gift them on Christmas.



I also bought some of my favorite author's book taking the advantage of the discount, it gave me 55% off on all the books, i really felt like a smart shopper when i shopped too much and saved too much.I have shared some of the pictures of my purchases,here in this post.


All thanks to, which helped me save a big amount of money,that can now be used for further shopping,as festive season is around,i would surely buy more through the discounts coupons and deals.

I would say that if you all wants to shop and save your money too,then go to 27coupons,search fast for your best deals/offers and discount coupons and shop as much as you like and save as much you can save!!

 Shikha Chaudhary 


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