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  we all have some influencing incidences in life which takes us to the all new perception towards life.We find many people in life which  changes our views and  thoughts suddenly or gradually. I myself have experienced so many incidences in my life,which have change me and my outlook towards life.Today i am going to share some of my small stories which all  made me the person i am today.

  Life always seems to be a puzzle when we are not clear in our thoughts but when we look up around  we find so many things which together work as a path shower or a solution to all our problems. At some point of time;i was  so opposite of what i am today and the reason is my outlook,my view and my inner perception to see the world around.

I used to think why only my life is full of complexities and no solutions,i was quite negative in my thoughts then one day i was at my friends's place for some college assignments and i decided to stay there for some more hours in order to be away from my homely stress and issues. My friend priya,was a girl from very middle class family,but when i spent few hours at her home, i observed many things which made me completely happy .I saw how they all managed to have a very healthy and happy atmosphere at home even when there are so many members in the family,they love each other unconditionally with no complains at all. Even the pet dodo at her home was full of fun and excitement and they, being not so good financially managed everything so nicely .

Looking all this happy going scene at my friend's place i just asked her how you are so happy even u don't have so much luxuries of life, then she replied that happiness only lies in the way we see the world,the things ,the people and relations.we should should think positive,and positive things happens.Its only our own eyes who can decide whether to be happy or sad in all the situations of life.

Her words were so simple yet they made so deep influence on my my thinking that;i found myself totally awakened and I just came back home with a new spirit of positivism.

I found the things are same, people are same,everything is just as exactly  as it was earlier but i am not finding any issue on which i can feel  negative.My home guard was sitting in park and he was enjoying chirping of birds and was smiling and i too sat there and felt the same happiness and i felt its really an amazing feeling when we think positive.

After few days i was going for my exam and i was not fully prepared for the exam but when i saw everybody at home is wishing me all the best .. all the best again and again.. I felt so happy and  full of confidence just because i had a positive mindset that yes, i would attempt it to my best. And finally i did it so well.

Now,I surely and confidently says that a positive and a happy going outlook makes us positive and if each one of us live our life with a positive perception or outlook, then there will be  optimism in whole world and that optimistic world will make us more growing progressive which we all wants to do.

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This is a true thing that optimism leads to a better life, we start loving things,we start looking things in a better way once we adopt optimism,we are much happier and  very successful in our life.


Life is more loving and world is more better when we find optimism around! so be positive be progressive and lets help the world live better!!

Shikha Chaudhary


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