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   Hope all of you  are doing great. Today i am here to share one of my biggest move in life which changed my life entirely.Life id full of stages and if we if take a right step at the right time then only we can achieve the great heights of success.We all like to enhance our lives and for that we have to take some big moves to do so.

   My story started with the  days when i used to live in a big house but that big royal house was a part of biggest village and only the villagers were our friends and campaigns.Although i was too good  in all fields of  studies,Fashion,sports,designing and art activities but we were living and studies in a very small village school so nobody appreciated much all my talent and intellect.I used to read and see in newspapers how people showcase their hidden talents in cities and they are appreciated by all.

After thinking much on this,I decided to ask my parents to move to city so that i and my entire family can do much better with our handwork and get much opportunities to show our capabilities and get successful in life.My dad was so strict and denied to go out leaving the house in village.Than i asked my mom and she gave me permission to go with my brother and stay at our city house which was quite small but there were so many things which we were not available in villages.

Although it was quite difficult for me to take this big step against my dad's wish but i made me mind to change my life for proving my worth.Me and my brother started living in the city house which was so inspiring,as we could see the city people moving everyday in search of new opportunities and gradually i too find a big platform for me too.I started my  fashion blog online to promote my fashion knowledge and skills and i established a good network on social platforms  which encouraged me to attend more and more fashion event and i did so.This all gave me a; all new identity as a super stylish fashion blogger from New Delhi. The all new life made me completely overwhelmed and  Now i write about  fashion  tips,news,and latest trends for the top fashion magazines in Delhi.

I now think that;the life which i live today is all because i took a bold step and moved forward to  #Start A New Life  and i strongly feel that to chase my dreams i had to take this bold move.A change can only make us move forward in life to achieve  something big in life.I did it,now i am known as one of  the fashionista  type girl in my city.That makes me feel so happy that i finally changed my life and my city house is still the same but i have made it full furnished with my earnings from fashion houses and i love my city house so much because my move to this house only, made me what i am today.A big bold move gave me the chance to show me at  my best.

If you too want a better way of living then move forward and to
 and #StartANewLife  because a change and a 'good' change can give us  a much  better way of living !!


Life needs some changes to move forward and  to live in  a better way and that better way sometimes; take us to achieve the best in life and becomes inspiration for others to #StartANewLife

 Shikha Chaudhary


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