Hello friends,

Hope all of you are doing great,Today;I am really excited to share my story which filled me with optimism and I realized the power of being #together.

Life is full of opportunities, but when we are not happy,we usually don't see any good in any field.At some phase of life,I was also  very disappointed with my failures in work fields, i used to keep myself away from socialization and I became quite pessimist towards life.It was so difficult for me to pass that phase of life as nothing  seemed good to me.

One day i got a call from a old school friend and she expressed her desire to meet me as it was too long after school that we did not meet.I first tried to ignore but she said in such a sweet manner that i could not say no again and we planned to meet next day as it was sunday. She came to my home only and i was so stunned,when i saw her after a long time,she was looking so beautiful and full of  positivism on her face.She came in running and hugged me so tightly and told me that she got a job in very big firm and she was so restless to share her happiness with me so she was trying to meet me.
I congratulated her and we had a tea and snacks,Then she asked me what job  i am pursuing i told her that due to some failures in my work fields i left the job and i am so fed with life  and have become so negative in life.Just after listening to my words, she said that its not any failure in job or people or environment,it is a just a matter of thinking and approach towards life, she explained me the thing so deeply and so well that I was feeling quite better and changed, listening every next word spoken by her.She made me realize the fact that being alone and away from all is not a solution but being #together and connected with all gives us so many new things and concepts of life which let us achieve the best from our best capabilities.Our laughs,our fun -filled talks, our walks; together makes us a happy going person.

I felt and experienced a change in myself,like a power was given to me by her great and inspiring words.Sitting and walking together with her I discussed my interests and she suggested me the work fields;which were suiting my choice of work. I started working with a company and i regained my lost confidence,and now i am a successful woman,working for many online stores too.I have become more capable,more determined and more aspiring from the day i met my old and best friend Tanu, she is the one who made me realize my true worth and a positive energy is  traveling in my veins from that particular day of my meeting with  my best friend and I, now call her as the biggest motivator of my life.

Now,I work more than earlier  with great strength and I  look up with more and more optimism and enthusiasm, towards life and I love being Together with all my dear and loved ones because,they make me feel that I am not alone and everybody is there for me to motivate me if ever I feel low.

Life can  be more beautiful, If we all, Together Look up with Optimism.
Being together,we can achieve even more and much bigger.
I would suggest all my friends and readers to;
Look up and Achieve Together, because  only together,we  can make a difference !!



#LookUp  With #Optimism  Being #Together !!!
To Achieve A Lot More in this Beautiful Journey Of Life

Shikha Chaudhary


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