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      Today is the day when we celebrate our love for the only person in the world who loves us unconditionally,selflessly and endlessly; yes.... Only mothers love us beyond out imagination.No matter how old we become, mother will always treat us like kids.

 Although when it comes to mother,we fall short of words to express her contribution in lou lives,still with my best efforts,i am expressing my love for my mother by quoting her qualities which make her my world's best mom.From the day i learnt to take first step in this world;holding her hand, to the  day; till date, as now; i  when i a m 29 years old girl,i have always found my my mother as my expert in all my day to day activities.
From waking up in the morning till sleeping at night i needed my mom at each step of my life and i learnt everything from my mom.
I was so shy even in my school days but the only person with whom i was and i am comfortable with is my mom,my lovely mom.No matter what,she always has the best solutions to all my issues. Whether it was a hair do issues,school uniform,shoes, books, my skin, my fears,my crush,my secrets, my exams,my favorite food or my weaknesses;She is my first expert in solving all my problems.
when i used to hate home work,she made me understand the value of education in her expert  and very polite  way and from that particular day i started completing my home assignments on time with whole hearten efforts.
I shared all my secrets to my mom and still share everything with her because when i discuss all the things with my mom, i get answer of even small things and i really feel that yes.. she is just superb,she knows everything,what is to be done and that too in a very right and genuine manner.
My mom has even made me come over my weaknesses,she has always encouraged me to just do the best and follow the right path,and things will surely  happen for better.

My mother,even fights with society's odd rules just to make my dreams and desires come true. whenever in life i felt low or sad, she taught me to believe in miracles,she is of the view that "beta...miracles do happen..believe in yourself and just try your level best to achieve the desired goals and success." Her ever positive and patient attitude makes me feel proud to have such a super mom like her.She  never let me cry and says weak people cry and strong people face the world be a great will power to bring the best in you and realize the true worth of yourself,your hidden talent and aspirations.
I can never think of my life without my mom as she is the one who has solutions of all my problems,she is my secret keeper,my doctor who takes best care of me, she knows the best way to make me understand things and she has great capabilities that she does everything so perfectly that i want myself to be exactly like her in all my deeds.

A mother is surely everybody's first expert  as she knows us the best and she suggests the best for us.

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 An expert is one who manages all tasks so perfectly and both my mom and Godrej  expert rich creme are superb and multi - taskers.
I just want to say million tons thanks to maa.. for always being there with me whenever i needed the most .
Mumma you are an angel sent by God,which makes me happy even my bad times and that shows ... God exist on earth  in form of Mothers.
love u mumma!
Happy Mother's day to all the mother and hats off to the all the mothers on earth for the unconditional love and support which makes us feel truly reliable on u.

shikha chaudhary


  1. No doubt every mother is special and you certainly described it very beautifully! Thanks !


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