Today I am going to review the movie Talvar,which is based on 2008 Aarushi Talwar's murder case. It was a double-murder mystery.The starcast includes Irrfan Khan in an intense role of Chief Investigating Officer,Neeraj Nabi as the father of Arushi,Konkona Sen as mother of Aarushi.

The movie is directed by talented Director Meghna Gulzar.It is written by Vishal Bhardwaj and Produced by Junglee Pictures.

I was invited for the special screening of the movie Talvar. From the time the movie started and till the end,I could think of missing any scene as the movie kept us engaged.The movie clearly shows the incidents in a properly arranged manner in which the murder took place. Aarushi whose name is changed to Shruti in the movie was 14 year old girl,who was murdered and it was suspected that either the parents of the victim killed her or the servant Khempal (name changed from Hemraj) brutally killed her.The most shocking thing was that a small girl who was not matured was proved as characterless and this is something really shameful to raise questions on the girl's character even when she is not alive now.Her death scenes made me cry. It also shows how it feels when a parent who has lost his/her child is convicted for killing their own child.

It brings the reality of our Police System,who it ignored some of the relevant evidences which could easily help in solving this most mysterious murder case ever. The irresponsible behaviour of Police is highlighted in the movie. The CDI kept shuffling the case from year to year which did not do justice to this case.

The lack of Police Investigation in the movie shows that how this simple case of Noida turned into the most confusing case in Indian history.The actors have done a brilliant job and left the audience impressed.Their performances could also leave a mark on audience's mind and leaving them thinking about the Indian Judicial System where the justice is delayed and how the people who are convicted without strong evidences go through the frustration and humiliation.

The movie was kept neutral without taking any sides.Watch the movie trailer here - Go watch this movie as its releasing 2nd October.


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