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 We all love to enjoy, party and hangout with friends.We eagerly wait for weekends to to party,and we  love to go to  the pubs and get together to spend some great time  having fun with friends.When it comes to party at night, we need to think many more things which has be taken care of to enjoy hassle free parties.Today; I would share some very useful tips for partying in India.
Parties are meant to be happy and memorable ones.The word party creates an exciting element in our mind, partying with our  friends  is the best way to pamper ourselves;but,if we party responsibly,or with some of the tips,it always saves us from unwanted issues like nonsensical comments,embarrassing dance and other health and safety issues.
With this blog post,I would guide all my Friends and readers to party responsibly with few tips :
When it comes to drink,know your drink and  limit:Eating before and during drinking alcohol is important to ensure that the alcohol gets absorbed slowly by the body
Know your limits and pace your drinks so you do not cross it, leading to embarrassing or even dangerous situations
Mixing too many drinks is not a good idea either. Limit yourself to one kind of drink to reduce a lot of possible discomfort (behavioral or physical) later.
You all will be happy to know that there is a one stop party guide,which would suggest you the best party places in India,complete information about the Nightlife, pub finder,cocktails,and it will guide you everything related to partying safely. Do check the "Pub Finder In India" and  #LiveResponsibly
It goes without saying that,if we live responsibly,then only we can party safely without harming us and others,with all measures to safeguard our health too.So,party harder without any risk of safety,health and other issues.


Parties are tasteless without drinks,but this is our sole responsibility that we should not drive after drinks,but you want to have a long and honorable life! Further keep your emergency contact numbers on hand,such as Taxi or Cab Hire Services to protect yourself from unwanted problems. 
For best party places,where you can hangout with your best buddies,specially for  night parties,pubs,best food,best environment,do visit to live and  #PartyResponsibly while partying without any hassle.
I am also searching's party calendar for a great party tonight,hope you all would surely get your desired pubs and cocktails in your cities and this would guide you with everything you need to do for partying.

DISCLAIMER: This blog caters to audience aged 25 years and above.

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