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  ~~~~ Sometimes Sharing A Hug Is All We Want ~~~~

Hey friends,

    Today I am so happy and excited as I am gonna share my thoughts about friendship,love care and A hug.We all love to have friends and sometimes we are much open and talkative with our friends then family,This thing allows us to say everything with our friends,Friends are the most important people in life who accompany us in all our crimes, good and bad times and yes...during the times when we need them the most.

 For Friends, family or our love; all have one special way to showcase our inner feelings and that is a "Hug". Sometimes sharing a hug is all we want in our lives.We have different occasions in life when we hug the other person to show our affection,when we see our friend after a long time, we hug her/him like there is no other thing to show how happy we are are that moment,I do hug my mom every time when i feel upset because my mother is my best buddy and  A mother's hug is the best medicine in the world.

Friends are the people who supports us in even the worst times of life,and sharing a hug with our friends in bad times acts like a stress buster,which gives a feeling of reassurance. Having a hug from our best friends is the best feeling and a hug becomes more special when they hug you back even more tighter;which cures all our pain reducing our worries.By this post, i want all of us to realize the importance of Friendship,yaari/dosti & sharing a hug to spread love and harmony.

We all face issues in our life at one stage or another but when it comes to solve them,we don't always need money to come over problems,as a hug from a friend is the greatest support and a lovable gift that cost no money and can be spread and distributed all over to make the love grow.It becomes so easy to maintain our friendship  with some responsibilities,so celebrate friendship  responsibly and #ShareAHug to spread love as much as you can.



I personally believe that, A hug is the best way to let people know you love them without having to say anything because a silent hug says a millions of words. Hugs are always much better when you share,so pass one to show,you care.

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 Shikha Chaudhary


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