Khud Ko Kar Buland

    The Moment when Our Saving Proved To Be Our Strength


Since childhood, I always had a great desire to travel and explore the world around but we were not very strong, financially, so exploring the world was like a dream for me.

In summer vacations, after my tenth board, I used to teach the children in my neighborhood and they  paid me some money as my fees. Those days, I used to save that money with the goal to visit my dream destination -Singapore one day.
A few years later, when I was in final year of my graduation, our family faced a great setback. My dad developed a medical condition which resulted in loss of his job. He felt totally shattered as he was the only one in the family who was earning and fulfilling all our needs. It was the darkest phase in my family's life. I was the eldest, it felt like it was my responsibility to tackle to the situation. I planned to open a small restaurant as my mom and I loved cooking and we thought of turning our passion into a career.
So, I opened a small food outlet with the money which I saved, my family became my first priority.

With God's grace we managed to a get a small income from our small food outlet and gradually it came up as one of the best food corners in our area and I felt so happy to see that. My younger siblings completed their education from good schools and universities which made my father feel truly proud of me.

That adverse phase of my life made me realize the importance of savings, plans and insurance in life. Difficulties, advertises never take our permission to come in but our prior plans, savings can always make us prepared for any situations. #KhudKoKarBuland

Shikha chaudhary


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