How To Care For Tiled Floors During Monsoon

   Taking care of Tiled Floors during Monsoon

 Hello friends,
           We all love Monsoons and we all love have beautiful Homes in monsoons too.Today I am going to share with you all about the ways/methods which would take care of tiled floors in Monsoon.

I recently attended a Bloggers meet by The Happpy Homes Blog.The Happy Homes Blog;
 helps home-owners renovate, build and maintain their home. Constructing our own home, planning its architecture, selection construction chemicals and designing its interiors is an unique and fulfilling experience.
With Happy Homes, we can build our home in our own way, tailored as per our imagination and well-matched to family’s needs.

The Blog features posts and articles across various categories giving home-owners an insight into different aspects of looking after their homes in association with Home making  experts like  Dr. Fixit (the waterproofing expert)  & Roff (the tile/stone fixing and grouting expert). It aims for building strong and sturdy  homes.

Home Decor with Tiles:
Tiles are a necessary part of home décor. The colour and pattern of the flooring tile in the living room can add an element of elegance and warmth. Larger tiles, which imply minimum joints, also give an impression of larger space. Also, when it comes to the kitchen or bathrooms, one can play around with different tile patterns, colours and even murals to get the right vibe for the room – whether sedate or funky!
 Monsoons are always welcomed with great happiness,but when it comes to styling homes with tiles,we face some issues in monsoons; like Cracks in the Tiles, Loose Tiles and other Tile problems,so in order to tackle these;we have to take some special measures to protect the beauty of our homes during monsoons.

Tiling Woes:
Very often home owners are averse to having a change in tiles. That’s because the conventional method of changing tiles is to break and remove the old tiles and then again lay in the new tiles. This could also result in some amount of damage to the walls of the room and could even require a new coat of paint and wallpaper. Earlier contractors would advise against affixing tile on tile as there were chances of slippage.

However, thanks to new age products like the Roff Non-Skid Adhesive tile-on-tile applications are so very easy and secure.

The Roff Non-Skid Adhesive is a blended polymer modified cement based powder tile adhesive and it forms a waterproof barrier between two surfaces and has excellent 'grab' properties. So now you don’t have to spend days having old tiles noisily removed and new one laid out and be out of living space for a long time. The tile-on-tile application involves much less time and definitely less mess. Using good products to fix the tiles further eases our worries about the longevity of your tile makeover.


So with Roff, we no longer have to live with tiles that are ‘dated’ or are looking worn out.  we can give our floors and walls a quick makeover by just placing the new tiles over the old ones – no mess, no fuss!


Some Points to Remember:
• If any of the original tiles are loose make sure they are reinstalled before retiling. 
• Stagger the joints; no new joint should be over an old one
• Make sure the original tiles are clean and remove any loose or mouldy grout.
• Ideally the original tiles should be sanded to remove any surface glaze.  

 Now,coming over to the topic; how to make sure that our tiles look as fab as they looked in the showroom. As we are all know,  the wall tiles that shone and glinted in the showroom look so dull and lifeless after they were laid, those white gaps between the bathroom tiles seem to crack or have discoloured. I have always wondered how those tiles we installedjust last year, seem to have just loosened or yellowed so early?
I remember, our contractor use to lay those tiles using white cement or some other substandard bonding agent which would eventually result in cracks in tiles and other tile problems. But now times have changed and better stronger alternatives to cement  is available like the Roff tile adhesive range which unlike cement and other substandard bonding agents has different products for different types of tiles and helps safeguard your tiles making it last longer. Just as our cell phones and tablets are often replaced with their latest models, clay and ceramic tiles are also being replaced by larger, smoother, vitrified tiles in the most exquisite designs and textures.
But when it comes to tile and stone fixing, most of us still adhere to age-old techniques. If we spend so much time researching for the latest options for our laptops and tabs, why not for our tiles and interiors? Why do we leave this important decision to our contractors or interior designers?
The answer is ...
Its time to move towards newer, evolved materials that facilitate better tile-laying and enhanced turnaround time. There are now available in the market more long-lasting, maintenance-free tile and stone fixing solutions which offer state-of-the-art adhesive for fixing marble and light colored stone.
 For instance,
Roff White Adhesive is a blended polymer modified cement based powder tile adhesive which can be used for fixing all types of stones on internal walls and floors & external applications. Roff offers a range of products including coloured epoxy grouts for filling tile joint sand tile cleaners. This product range includes various adhesives that can be used for high strength bonding of tiles on various surfaces like marble, glass, granite, stone and others. 

During monsoon,our home needs some special care and following are some preventive measures and tips to take better care of the tiles in our home:
How will you ensure that the tiles are protected from rain? Discolouration of stones is common when exposed to rough weather conditions. New age blended polymer modified white cement-based stone adhesives are ideal for usage in binding marbles and coloured stones.
These kind of products also assure that you never face the problem of loose tiles as these products are three times stronger than white cement and helps in overcoming hollowness beneath. The product, added to cement, is also sufficiently flexible to accommodate physical and thermal movements; this leads to a 100 per cent bonding capacity and thus your tiles won’t loosen or crack.
• Roff adhesives exhibit excellent water resistant characteristics and durable adhesion in water immersed and high temperature conditions. It also fights water percolation in stones and therefore perfect for bathroom tiles or all surfaces exposed to water!  It has anti-shrink properties for a crack-free, firm surface ensuring extended durability. Besides that, it is also resilient to extreme temperature variations. As it is water resistant, it is apt for usage in showers, water bodies and swimming pools.
• How long will it take to lay the tiles? Technology has a great role to play when it comes to saving time. How does this product help you do that? Well, blended polymer stone adhesives need no curing, hacking or mechanical key on the surfaces. Soaking of tiles and backing of surface is not required either. This kind of product is ready to use and only needs to be mixed with water. There will be no more hassles for putting white cement slurry. Post application the floor can be used within 24 hours!


All in all, because of its high aesthetic appeal, durability, ease of use, white adhesive is fast replacing the conventional use of ordinary white cement. Make sure you are a step ahead when fixing your tiles.


 At the #HappyHomesInMonsoons blogger meet,we all had a Demo session by Roff representatives,who showed us the authenticity of Roff's Products and I am much secured after looking the demo of magical products of tile filling and cleaning( Cera clean)
 by Roff India.


Here are some pictures of the meet,where we had a great session on How to have happy  and beautiful homes even in monsoons.I loved the DIY activities at the Meet and all the products by DR.Fixit and Roff India would surely make our homes beautiful and strong.


All thanks to Happy Homes Blog for creating a great meet up session; introducing and explaining us the newest technology DR.Fixit and Roff India.

 shikha chaudhary


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