Hello everyone,

Health is our real wealth and when it comes to child care and woman care it becomes more important for us to provide the best medical services to child and mother. A child can be healthy only when his health is taken care of right from before his birth and after his birth. We should pay more attention to the health of the women when she is carrying a life in her body and after she gives birth.

But due to unavailability of best medical services in rural areas, many children and woman are unable to get the best treatment when it is much needed. Lack of medical care can produce severe health issues and lasting effects. I think organisations should identify the weaknesses in rural health care and then provide underprivileged with the necessary supplies and medical advice.

In urban areas, there are many good Child Doctors in hospitals where they can get best Paediatrics Service. At Manipal Hospitals, they have a team of  highly skilled, academically qualified and experienced paediatricians. They also have a group of other specialists to deliver top class health care to children. Their medical facilities and specialty care are of international standards, and they are able to translate the emerging technologies into highly advanced therapies in an adept manner.

Paediatrics, deals with the health and well being of newborn, infant, school age, and teens. Their health care in this space includes a range of services like determination of an existing illness, anticipatory guidance, treatment, preventive measures, and so on - depending on the age of the child.

The Woman and Child care services at Manipal Hospitals aims to provide complete care to the needs of women from their puberty and adolescence, through their pregnancy to menopause and beyond like menstruation, contraception, reproductive disorders and hormonal.They provide the best patient care services, and meeting the needs of women and mothers.


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