“Our contribution to the world must consist of setting our own house in order.”

I love this quote by Gandhiji. The outside of our home is just as important as the inside. Our home represents us, so it becomes  our important duty to keep or home healthy and damp free. Like ourselves, our living spaces should always be improving, structurally through maintenance and repairs.

Those of us living in an old apartment, we constantly face the leakage and damp conditions as it's an old building. Now we can't reconstruct it all again but yes we can opt for some good waterproofing solutions,


  • After every few days we see water patches appear on the ceiling. 
  • Not just this, the exterior walls of our building become wet due to rains and then there are cracks which results in water seeping into our homes.
  • The  damp walls cause dirt and mould to grow on tiles.
  • Rain induced water damage is a major issue for outdoor tiles, especially porcelain and natural stone tiles. Tiles that absorb and retain water will have their life span shortened through cracking and staining.
  • The odor of dampness is also a cause of social embarrassment.

  • Dampness of walls and peeling paint can have a bad effect on our health. Allergies, Asthma and frequent headaches are common ailments for residents of house where leakage persists.
  • The presence of some common fungi around damp walls can lead to flu or worsening of respiratory problems for infants or old people.
  • Exposure to damp and mold occurring due to water leakage is known to cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, eye irritation and even skin rashes.


  • We noticed the signs of dampness and leakage and blocked all the possible entry points for rainwater into our home.
  • We decided to opt for waterproofing before the rain rather than running for protection after the leakage is evident and Dr.Fixit's Raincoat resists water seepage from external walls.
  • We asked experts to check terraces, basement, walls, kitchens, washrooms. They identified the source of the leakage. All unnecessary plant and weed growth on roof and walls was uprooted. They waterproofed the area with proper products.
  • It was time to repair all broken drainage pipes, plasters and cracks before the rains. They also checked if there is any leakage from AC ducts and repaired it.
  • The experts advised us that windows and balconies should get proper shades to prevent direct exposure to rain water. Window gaps need to be properly sealed.
  • Using Dr Fixit's CRACK-X-PASTE , we made sure that the cracks got filled in exterior walls.
  • We got to know that bathroom floor tile gaps can be grouted with a good epoxy solution.
  • We must not go for temporary or cosmetic solutions. Leakage remains  a lifelong problem unless we fix it with a waterproofing product, that will give us a long term solution.

We all can always take help of Dr. Fixit team. Dr. Fixit provides a team of dedicated technical experts for site inspection who compile timely solution and recommendation reports. Dr Fixit also has trained applicators who are the ambassadors for good waterproofing workmanship. We can see their continuous efforts in encouraging people to SAY NO to dampness. Now I am doing  my bit by being a part of the healthy initiative taken by Dr. Fixit, which aims for a leakage free India.

I loved watching Dr. Fixit’s new TVC with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, it clearly shows that if we opt for complete waterproofing of our home at the time of it’s construction then we can avoid leakage problems and get FREEDOM FROM DAMPNESS.

Anytime in the future you need any tips or topics on how to keep your home happy and healthy, do check the Happy Homes Blog.


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