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Hello friends,

In this fast paced life, most of the times we neglect our health which is the most important for all of us. Due to work pressure and tight schedule, we forget to maintain a good lifestyle including healthy diet and correct eating habits, exercise etc. Sometimes we do plan and start a healthy lifestyle schedule but after few days we find ourselves on the same old routine life which lacks proper eating and workout schedule. We all know that poor eating habits like overeating due to stress or due to other reasons can have harmful effects on our overall health. Some people are aware of it but some dont have enough information about it and it's side effects. So to educate people about their overall health, Manipal Hospital's have come with this forum called  Health Library. This forum is committed to addressing the varied needs of the community and providing reliable and authentic information on different types of diseases, medical care, and other health- related issues.

This platform also educate the audience about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. We can search the information we need, we can discuss the health issues, and they have answer for everything including health, wellness and happiness.

In today's fast life, and unavoidable stress, we all tend to suffer from emotional eating which is also a very harmful problem these days. When we are going through stress period, we tend to eat just for the sake of eating. We don't see what is healthy to eat or not, we just eat anytime whether it's just before we go to bed. Now this leads to many problems. So today I will talk about how can we all overcome emotional eating.

 For this, first we will have to understand what is emotional eating and then we can know how we can overcome it. Emotional eating means eating food for comfort, stress relief, rather than to just to satisfy hunger. This is opposite to mindful eating. So we must learn mindful eating first, which is a practice that develops our awareness of eating habits and allows us to pause and eat anything after an interval. We can change emotional eating habits by understanding them. Sometimes we eat desserts even when we are full but we are not able to control our cravings and we eat at that moment without thinking. We only think  that we are stressed over anything and eating our favourite food will help us in feeling good. Well, this is not correct. This will even prove worst for our health as we consume unnecessary calories resulting in increased weight of body and which will be difficult to control.
So what can be the ways to overcome it? Well, the most common reason for emotional eating is stress so first we must try to keep our stress under control as much as we can. Second, when we feel craving for sweets and all, we can try to replace them with some other healthy food like fruits etc. Third, we must try to find any other alternative to change our mood during stress period, for example, we can involve ourselves in watching our favourite movie or any Tv show, or even listen to our favourite songs. 


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