My relationship with my mother~

"God cannot be everywhere so he created Mothers"
I truly feel that my mom is next to God.A mother-daughter relationship is the most loveliest relationship ever. Like all other daughters I too feel that my mom is the best mom in the world.
Although when it comes to mothers,we all become short of words but this Mother's Day;I would love to describe my relationship with my dearest mumma.

Since childhood I have always seen my mother as an angel, who has always fulfilled all my needs and desires! She has always been my true and strong supporter!
My mother raised me as a princess,she never let me felt that its all about money;Whatever i asked for,she gave me without any delay and I never thought how hard it could be for her to bring all what i want.
From school days to college days,I spent most of the time with my mom and she always motivated me to bring out the best in me.She made me realise my worth.whenever i used to get low marks in exams even after lot of hard work,My mom used to say "beta;don't ever loose hope,keep trying your level best and you will get good results for sure."
Her words made me more focussed and in finals I was a topper.
My mom always taught me to be patient no matter how hard is the times and situations. This quality of her is the best one and I feel that i have achieved a lot keeping myself patient.
Sometimes when my mom says she is worried and concerned about my siblings,I talk to her in the same way she talks to me when i am upset and console her not to take any stress and she smiles and says thanks for talking to like a friend.
Our relationship has always been friendly! She too talks and  discusses about her worries and insecurities with me and I make her feel relaxed by assuring her with positive thoughts.
My mother is not that much educated but she is my biggest inspiration. She has done my upbringing in such a great manner that no one can never ever believe that she is not much educated as she inculcated me with  great principles of life.
My mother inspired me to become self dependent women by chasing one's dreams and inner talent.
I followed  and still following her in every walk of my life and she continues to be my biggest inspiration.
Like we have seen in the movie "English Vinglish" my mom too is full of talents
She is a great cook and makes so yummy  and delicious food. My mom is a lady with class,she has great choice in clothing too.I can never go shopping without her she has a great sense of fashion.I get all my shopping done in two hours if my mommy accompany me,otherwise it takes whole day and i come back with a dialogue that i could not find anything Good today :) :(

Both me and mumma loves to watch romantic movies and  after the movie we talk about the movie!
We are so open to each other that I never feel shy to express my opinion  regarding my life partner.My mumma too shares her life experiences with me and tells me about the beautiful relationship between her and my dad.she always make me aware of the ground facts that every girl should know before and after marriage!
she is such a sweet lady that even when we come over arguing while discussing any matter,she never gets irritate and explains me as many times as i demand and then finally when I get her point,she smiles and I hug her tightly.
I strongly feel all mothers are beautiful and as lovely as mine because only a mother loves us unconditionally and selflessly! A mother loves us to the infinity and never ask for anything in return,that makes her more like God.
All the mothers in universe deserve much love and respect ! Hats Off to all the mothers !
I would try to turn everyday into mother's day by making my mom always happy ! I would make sure that she will feel truly special and pampered Everyday!

I wish you all a Very Happy Mother's Day !

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