Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017
                        (4 -5 May Gurgaon)  ( #CMSAsia2017 )

Hi friends,

Today I am gonna share with you all aspects about Content Marketing.This is all about what I got to know in an event;Content Marketing Summit 2017,held on 4th and 5th of may at Gurgaon.

Content Marketing Summit, as the name suggests, is a premier event where some of the greatest minds, savvy brands, renowned publishers, innovative technology enablers and leading practitioners from across the world come together to explore the exciting world of content marketing. 
While the discipline itself isn’t anything new, the rapid expansion of digital media and the growing clout of social media have altered Content Marketing in unexpected ways. This metamorphosis presents exciting new opportunities for brands, publishers, agency partners and independent creators alike.


I was so excited to be a part of content marketing summit as this is my field of interest since college day.I attended day 2 of summit on 5th of may.Who all attended the event with me:
Writers, bloggers, journalists, freelancers, graphic artists, photographers, video content makers, etc.  as they all will be able to discover exciting new ways of acquiring paid assignments in the global marketplace. CMS Asia  enabled us to network, form alliances and monetize our skills in ways we never imagined before.So I Enrolled myself for the half-day workshop dedicated to B2B Content Marketing and to learn how to benefit from the explosive growth of content marketing in B2B sector.

We all got  so much information about content writing that,each minute of this event bought lot of things to learn as there were all eminent  speakers and personalities belonging to content and digital marketing.We all bloggers  had so many questions in mind before attending the CMS Asia 2017

 Those questions include :

>> What is content marketing and why is it important to your business?
  >> What is the current content marketing landscape globally
What tools & platforms are available to brands,publishers and content creators?
>> What brands are making the best use of content marketing and how?
>> What does it take to plan & implement a highly effective content marketing strategy?
>>  What are the global best practices in content marketing
>>  What is real-time content marketing and who is doing it successfully
>>  What is the impact of content marketing on eCommerce and B2B businesses
>>  What is Big Data and how can it be leveraged with content marketing
>>  What are the various models to monetize your content in the digital world
>>  How can content marketing help you succeed on search engines
>>  How to prepare a content marketing strategy & implement it
>>  How to measure the effectiveness of any content marketing initiative
>>  How Asia presents unique challenges & opportunities in content marketing
>> How to manage content creation, curation and distribution online
>>   How to integrate print campaigns with mobile and web for greater efficiency
>>  How to create an actionable content marketing plan, which can be measured
>>  How content can make your social media strategy work like never before
>>  How social listening tools can help you plan & optimize your content strategy!
 Like all  others; I  too had lot of questions in mind which were answered in a brilliant manner at CMSAsia 2017.

Here are some key things  from  all the guests  and famous persons from digital world; we all got so much knowledge and some very basic information about content writing and market ruling tips in #CMSAsia2017 .There was much to gain in relation with content and digital marketing.

>>> We all were introduced to the whole new era of digital marketing with great information about the same.
" Success is just a few clicks away! " Yashdeep from Salesforce enlightened us  in Content Marketing Summit Asia.


>>> After that,we had  a great time with Gunjan Soni from Myntra,who told us the power of good story telling during  #CMSAsia2017

>>> Travel companies were the original content marketers!
Lauren all the way from Australia took the stage by storm and told  us about travel marketing;"Marriott hotels are the leaders in content marketing and so is Air B n B in storytelling" quoted Lauren.   

>>> Content marketing should be like a good mutton Curry! Recipe to success by Suprio Guha Thakurta, Chief Strategy Officer, The Economist Group @Content Marketing Summit Asia

>>> Next we had Ankur Warikoo Founder & CEO Content Marketing Summit Asia,who shared his tips for content marketing world.

>>> In Panel discussion:  Content Marketing Challenges & Barriers - How different businesses are trying to overcome?

Panel Discussion with Radhika Shukla Country Director -India & South East Asia News Republic, Nitin Pandey Founder Parentune, Meera Iyer Head - Marketing Big Basket, Kashyap Dalal Chief Business Officer SimpliLearn & Arnab Ghosh VP - International Business Godfrey Phillips.

After coming back from the event,I felt like;I have gained and learned  so much in the content marketing and  now I can easily plan and execute bout my goals with the strategies I learned in Content Marketing Summit Asia 2017!

All thanks to eminent speakers at the event,event partners and all publishers and brands who made this event a rocking one.Events like these make us aware of right things which has to be done at right time with right strategy to achieve success!

shikha chaudhary


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