Very Early Symptoms that indicate that you might be Pregnant

This article would be for the benefit of the women who are trying to get pregnant and for
 all women who are in the childbearing age bracket. There are many little signs that your
 body gives you when you conceive and if you are actively looking for these, you can actually
 figure them out quite easily.

A missed period is the most obvious sign of being Pregnant. However, in women who are
having irregular periods, delay in periods might not be able to solve the confusion for quite
 some days. There are other signs you can look out for, such as:

~Tenderness of breasts
~Nausea and morning sickness
~Being bloated all the time
~Tenderness of breasts
~Increased sensitivity to odours

~Food Aversions
~Mood Swings
~Implantation Bleeding
Out of all these signs, Implantation bleeding might come as a surprise to many women
 and they might get confused between implantation bleeding and a period. Here are some
differences between period and implantation bleeding:

1. Implantation bleeding is usually lighter and shorter than your regular period. This
usually happens 10 to 14 days after fertilization. So, you can expect it around the time of your period, itself.

2. The color of blood is Brown or Pink in case of implantation bleeding and not Red.

3. The flow of implantation bleeding is rather light and stays light unlike your period,
 which has moderate to heavy blood flow.

4. Cramping is a common symptom for implantation bleeding as well as periods.

5. In Implantation bleeding, the flow is not continuous. It comes and goes, on and off.
Many women are curious to know, How long does implantation bleeding last? Well, it
lasts from just a few hours to up to two days with intermittent bleeding or streaking of
blood or a light tinged fluid discharge from vagina.


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